About GearTrend

GearTrend is an outdoor gear website formed by two buddies who met while working at a now defunct digital marketing agency in Salt Lake City (thanks, Julie). Alex and Ryan both love Utah’s snow, Alex prefers going down the hill on one stick, while Ryan likes two planks on his feet when he’s goin’ down the slope. After years of using their digital marketing skills for ungrateful clients with terrible products, they decided that they had something to say, and the skills to get it in front of people who might care. This site is primary a pet project of theirs, maybe one day they can check themselves into marketing rehab and focus on creating great content and spending more time outdoors. Guest authors are welcome and as the site grows we hopefully will add more faces to this page.

Alex Smith

If you were expecting the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, sorry to disappoint. Alex loves snowboarding, camping, hiking and four-wheeling. A digital marketer by day, and wannabe product reviewer by night.

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Ryan Lawrence

The resident cheerful pessimist, Ryan’s true passion can be found on his dog’s Instagram channel, @bowienubs, or writing Salt Lake City Restaurant Reviews. When he’s not making his dog famous, Ryan likes to ski, skate, hike and get highly caffeinated.