Best Camping Tents of 2019

Best Camping Tents of 2019

This year I’ve set out on a quest to find the best camping tents for each style of camping that I do and some of the friends and family are in to. Last summer a group of my close friends and I went on a camping trip to goblin valley in south-eastern Utah. We were camping in tents, and a pretty gnarly windstorm whipped up our last morning there and destroyed all of our tents, and instant shade popups! So because of that I’ve been on a mission to find the best camping tents for the 2019 season, and figured I might as well share my findings on GearTrend. Since I do different type of camping, and so do my fiends and family I’ll do a rundown of the top tents for each style of camping.

Best 4 Man Medium Size Tent

4 man tents are typically my go-to tent size. Most the time my fiancé and are go camping we are going someone that’s accessible by my Colorado truck and its just the two of us (plus Karl the dog). We like to have a little extra space in the tent for changing clothes and camping gear storage so 4 man tents are usually our favorite. After doing a ton of research in the first few weeks of 2019, this is the tent I’m going to purchase:

Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent

Why I like this 4-person tent:

    • 9 ft. x 7 ft. footprint fits 4 people or one queen airbed
    • 4 ft. 11 in. center height

Check out our detailed Coleman Sundome tent review

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Best Large Camping Tents for Families

Since reviewing things and online shopping is both my blessing and my curse, my sister asked me for advise on what large tent to buy for her family of 6 after hers was also destroyed in goblin valley. She said she wanted a few rooms an dividers so the girls and boys could have their own rooms as they get older, and they could camp with other couples in one tent. I recommended this one:

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent


  • Ozark Trail tents have been good to me in the past for the money
  • Solid Amazon reviews
  • This thing is huge! 20′ x 10′
  • Three doors
  • Tons of windows (6)


  • Not for sale in California
  • The sides are pretty slanted, making it hard to use the same near the walls
  • As with any large tent, setup seems need a little brain power
  • It’s a Walmart brand, so if you want it now you get to deal with that store
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Best 2 Man Backpacking Tent

When it comes to backpacking tents weight is the name of the game. Most of the tents I’ve recommended so far in this best tents of 2019 list are a great value, I rarely recommend really high-end products. But when you are talking about being 50 miles away from civilization on foot, a light and RELIABLE 2 man backpacking tent is worth every penny. Enter the Big Agnes – Copper Spur Backpacking Tent.



  • Weight only a mere 2lb 12oz
  • Shape: it’s shaped wider in the head and narrower in the foot, just like you
  • Door on each side, so you don’t have to crawl over your drunk buddy to pee at night
  • Media pockets for your phones and iPods with cable slots


  • Cost, coming in over $300 this is not a cheap tent
  • A 2 person tent is barely enough room for two adults, if you want your stuff inside, get the UL3 3 person tent
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Unusual and Cool Tent Stuff

I’m not buying any of these anytime soon but I think they are awesome so I’m sharing them with you!

Harley Davison Roadhouse Motorcycle Tent

This bad boy sleeps 4 humans and one motorcycle! That’s right, only communists would make their Harley sleep outside. Take care of that overpriced hunk of steel (sorry Harley owners).

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Solar Powered Camping Tent Light

Light up your tent with this awesome little tent lantern, it has three arms that each feature a solar panel on the back and LED lights on the bottom. It features a hook to hang from the top of your tent, if you have the rainfly off, you don’t even need to worry about setting it outside by day to recharge. This bad boy is only 12.99 on Amazon and is prime eligible, so even though the quality isn’t the best, you’re not out a lot if it doesn’t last long.

Buy the Arotek Light on Amazon


If you were hoping to find the best tent of 2019 in this rundown, if hope you’re not disappointed by the fact that I gave you 4 different tents, that server 4 different purposes. Make sure you buy the one that is best suited for what you plan to do. If you’re a really outdoor junkie, you might need to get more than one of these tents to keep you comfortable this summer. Stay tuned for our top 10 rundown of each tent category in depth, and individual tent reviews later this year.

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